Colds and Flus

How to beat a cold with acupressure:

In the past, when people called me with a cold, I told them to come in. Acupuncture is great for the immune system! In the last few years, I have changed my policy. I now prefer you stay home if you’re contagious (how long is that?). I have patients who are immune-compromised*. This means I want to prevent their exposure, and also that I can’t work if I am sick at all – and losing a week or more of income is pretty rough (despite all the kitty snuggles).

li4So – here are some handy dandy acupressure points you can use for yourself. In all cases, press firmly with a fingertip for a few seconds, on both left and right sides.


LI-4 is great for all colds and flus, especially if you have sinus pressure or a fever (do not use if pregnant!).

TB-5, below, is an immune booster – it’s two fingers past the wrisst40t crease on the back of the forearm.

is an anti-phlegm point.

Press on TB-17, just behind and below the earlobe, if your ears are plugged.

If you are JUST starting to get sick, try the point below, where the red star is, on the edge of the bone above the elbow. It has a brief window of usefullness and it’ll be sore if it’s active.

Drink lots of fluids. Remember to eat a little protein, to help your immune system make anti-bodies. Chicken soup made with bone broth  is legendary for a reason! Add some garlic for an bonus boost.
Get up and move around now and then, even if it’s just for a few minutes every few hours. That helps your lymphatic system pump the immune response through your body.

Try to avoid dairy and alcohol – they are both Damp and will produce more phlegm.

Feel free to contact me to ask for more specific acupressure points for your symptoms. Good luck, and enjoy the cuddles with your furry friends! :)

*They may have immune disorders, or non-contagious diseases that require immune-suppressing drugs.