Trusted Referrals & Healthy Shoe Shopping

Here’s a short list of professionals I recommend. Please let me know if you use one of these referrals – I’d love to hear how it goes for you!

Also – the second half is a guide to shopping for healthy shoes.

Physical Therapy:
New Heights
Locations in Vancouver, SE Portland, and NW Portland

Hand Surgeon:
Dr. Charles Woolley
2311 NW Northrup St, Portland, OR 97210
(503) 274-4865

Dr. Ray McClanahan
Northwest Foot & Ankle
2701 NW Vaughn Street, Suite 424
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 243-2699

Personal Trainer:
Brandie Sylfae
(503) 422-0402


Jenny Rock
Body Balance Rolfing & Massage

10700 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Highway
Building 3, Suite 605  (2nd floor, there is an elevator)
(503) 345-7660

Karin Edwards-Wagner
2732 SE 18th Ave Portland, OR 97202
(503) 230-0087

Sally Leonard
Forget Me Knots
12655 SE Center St, Ste 530, Beaverton 97005
Yes, she’s in my office!

Clark Original on the left. The Jafe on the right is too stiff to be ideal for regular wear, but a rare find for fancy dress-up occasions.

Clark’s Original “Faraway Field” on the left, grey with mint stitching, also available in red, black, and brown. The Jafe on the right is too stiff to be ideal for regular wear, but works as a rare heel-less find for fancy dress-up occasions. Edited to add: The Jafe’s softened up with use, and the Clark’s model comes in more colors now! I just got myself some blue suede shoes!

Buying bio-mechanically correct shoes:
First, read this article about foot function and how to assess a shoe. Then, look for brands like Born, Clark’s, Keen, Lems, Jambu & J-41 (sexy sandals!), Vivo, Altra, Jafe, Xero, TOPO, Vivobarefoot, and Merrell. Naot makes wide-toebox shoes that are super cute but stiffer / more supportive in the sole, so they are okay for transitioning or if you are going to do major mileage on concrete. FiveFinger and Fila make minimal, separated toe shoes (personally, my short toes like the Filas much better – and they were a mere $30 at Big 5 sports!). Please note that I am NOT endorsing every model shoe the above brands make. For example, Keen has two footbeds, a stiff, narrow version (skip these!) and the one I like with the wide toebox.  In all brands, some models may be great, but others are too pointy-toed, too stiff, or have a heel. Shop carefully. When trying shoes on, you need to step on the liner and examine other factors discussed here. Try not to get carried away with something cute or a pair that feels “good enough” – your feet will get pickier as they adapt to having room to move! They will also spread out, so if you are between sizes, go up. REMEMBER: Most people gain a half to a full size as their toes spread out, and they build muscle in their feet.  It’s best not to buy too many until you know your new size. Winter boot guide here.

A happy surprise for the Pacific NW Fall weather - Bogs rainboots have no heel and give plenty of room for the front of the foot. I got my pair at Clogs & More on Hawthorne.

A happy surprise for the Pacific NW weather – Bogs rainboots have no heel and give plenty of room for the front of the foot. I got my pair at Clogs & More on Hawthorne. Update: 2017, and I just bought another shorter pair of waterproof, fabric pull-ons from Bogs. LOVE THEM!

Places to get biomechanically-correct footwear locally:

Pie in the Alberta district
Cobbler Bill’s near 82nd & Foster
Shoe Mill and The Walking Company at big malls (NOTE – most of the shoes in the mall stores are aimed at symptom relief instead of true health and are too stiff! Be careful!)
FleetFeet (formerly FitRightNW) off NW 23rd
Footwise on Broadway
Imelda’s on Hawthorne
REI (surely you know where REI is)
Clogs N More – note – don’t buy clogs! :) Hawthorne and downtown

And don’t forget the toe socks so you can move freely inside your spiffy new shoes. Sock Dreams has a store in Sellwood, or you can order online. They carry unique, high quality stuff, including the elusive toesock with formed heels. I love that Sock Dreams thoroughly describe their stock on the website, including measurement info like calf size, and they ship for free.

Places to get biomechanically-correct footwear online:

Hot Chocolate Designs is making cute Mary Janes with a wide variety of prints! These aren’t quite minimal, but have pretty flexible soles.

Ahinsa Casual style, fabric shoes
Altra  Wide toebox running shoes
Baer Shoes check out the Joe Nimbles for women and men!
Belleville Military & law enforcement-type boots.

Glerups Wool felt clogs, shoes, boots
Hot Chocolate Designs Mary Janes with fun prints
Lems ugly but comfortable
Oesh Variety of women’s styles from professional to casual.
Shoes for Crews Steeltoes, other serious work shoes & boots
Skidbusters Nursing, etc.


Part of the Soft Star shoe line. You can custom order your color choices!


Soft Star Shoes Minimal, basically leather socks. Based in Corvallis
Tadeevo casual laceups
Topo Athletic runners
Tune Men’s penny loafers
Vibram FiveFingers and wrap shoes
Vivobarefoot Lightweight, minimal shoes and boots
Xero sandals, including DYI

Again, not everything these places sell will be good for your feet. Double check the shopping guide. I recommend wearing your new shoes inside for a while on a trial run (so they are returnable) before venturing out.

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