Shared from a friend’s post, after we lost a mutual friend: If you are in pain and feeling stuck and hopeless, reach out, please. Reach out to the people around you, don’t get sucked into the quick sand feel that is depression. If you can’t talk to family or friends, call the suicide hotline. Some of your friends work there and some of your friends call there. There are counselors in the community who will work with you, who will work with you on price or help you locate other options. Here are the crisis line numbers. Multnomah County Crisis Line 503-988-4888. Clackamas County (503) 655-8585. Washington County (503) 291-9111. Clark County (360) 696-9560.

If the unthinkable has already happened (or been attempted) there are survivor support groups listed on


1 thought on “Suicide

  1. Last Summer I was in a place that I was contemplating suicide.
    It was something that I pondered greatly as a teenager, and was resolute that ‘they would never get the best of me’ and that ‘I would win’, so I knew that I would not really end things, but could not see a why out of my darkness…

    I have.
    I am back on a path of light, reclaiming whom I am, and endeavoring to bring beauty into the world.

    A friend happened to mention this film to me, which did not force a turning-point in me, but gave me a wonderful perspective:
    If you are about to kill yourself, than you have nothing to lose. Anything, and I mean anything that you do will be better. You can shoot for your dreams, take all of the risks you might have been scared to do previously, because, afterall, the worse thing that could happen is you will end up dead, which is where you currently are… so you have nothing to lose!

    This is the film:
    “Girl on the Bridge” (1999)
    “La fille sur le pont” is the original french title

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