Habit-building reminders

I love teaching self care. I can do great work here in the office, but long term change usually goes better if you do your homework. Sometimes that’s stretching, postural correction, or checking in with your body and releasing tension (usually a combo of these). Of course, the trickiest part of learning a new habit is remembering to do it, so I like providing visual reminders. I have this fun selection of stickers for my patients to chose from. I recommend putting them at your work station or on a water bottle… anywhere you’ll see it frequently.

My newest one – arriving soon – says “I hope something good happens to you today.”

three piles of stickers on a table. "Breathe", "You are amazing," and "You - yes you - are awesome!"

Since some people are more tactile than visual, I also have pocket rocks to give you! Thanks to my friend Diana, I have lots of fascinating Oregon rocks she’s found and tumbled, in a variety of sizes. People like to give me rocks, and the ones I can’t use for jewelry often end up in the pocket-rock bowl.

bowl of smooth, polished stones, in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.
hand holding three small smooth rocks, with varied coloration

Oregon agates, jaspers, even some shell! Which one speaks to you?