No more daily masking!

I took some huge steps today. I made masks optional – rather than encouraged – and I eliminated the vax requirement. It’s been so long, and everyone has been exposed so much, they should have natural antibodies by now. I understand that some of my more fragile patients & friends may be concerned about this. I assure you, I will still be running my air cleaner. I am happy to wear a mask if you prefer (there’s a box you can check on my contagious disease screening email, which I’m still using for every appointment). If you want the first slot of the day, let me know and I’ll make that work.

Chronic Pain – So much more than just physical pain receptors!

Acupuncture license renewed! This year the Oregon Medical Board required everyone to take an online course on “Changing the Conversation on Pain,” which was as cheesy and awkward as you’d expect a state government-produced video to be, but contained excellent information on how mood, nutrition, movement, social contact, and cultural factors (stress / bad care from racism, etc) can impact chronic perception of pain. They even covered neuroplasticity (how the brain changes) and becomes “better” at creating pain. This is all stuff I’ve learned before, but I’m super excited the OMB is forcing ALL practitioners to hear it, because based on what my patients tell me, most docs are still just pushing drugs and PT.

I’ve lived this – you feel lousy, so you quit moving, eat garbage, and watch TV. Then you feel worse and the cycle continues.

Instead, making small incremental changes (some stretches, an apple instead of chips, shifting your internal monologue) can literally reduce how much pain you experience… which frees you up to move a little more, cook something, see a friend… and you feel slightly better! I’m NOT saying smile and ignore it – pain is real! But making these adjustments will retrain your brain. Every little bit helps.

There’s a website with tools for both practitioners and for patients, in English y espaƱol.

Check it out!