Fall Health tips

Autumn is my favorite season. The crisp blue skies, the exploding yellows and oranges in the trees… It makes me crave a walk in the woods and a crunchy, juicy apple. All of a sudden pumpkins are everywhere and I’m looking for a sweater.

 Asian tradition includes responding to the energy of the seasons. This is true both philosophically (Have you seen this beautiful Korean movie?) and physically.  Remember back in the summer when I mentioned cooling foods like watermelon? For fall health, try to eat fewer cold, raw foods like salads, and more warm, cooked meals. Enjoy soups and steamed or baked vegetables such as broccoli and yams. Incorporate yellow and red foods into your diet. Consider starting your morning with hot oatmeal to fuel your day. I love Steel Cut oats! You can get them at most grocery stores, and now  Fred Meyer even has them in the bulk isle!

You want about 1/4-1/3 cup of dry oats per person. The night before your intended breakfast, put the oats and twice as much water into a pot. That means I do half a cup plus a little extra shake for Robert and me (he’s a big guy!), and just over a cup of water. Cover and let soak overnight. In the morning, cook on medium heat for 6-10 minutes, depending on how chewy vs. soft you want your oatmeal.

You can enjoy as is, but I like to toss in some walnuts for some added protein and healthy fats. Fruit (dried or fresh), honey, even maple syrup are options, too. Get creative!

Of course hot tea, in a variety of colors and flavors, is essential for me in the Fall. My favorite when I’m chilled is ginger tea. You can buy packets, but it’s best to just grate fresh ginger into a mug of hot water and add honey. Ginger is supremely warming and a soothing treat for a sore throat. It even boosts your immune system!

There’s an article here about Damp. In Chinese Medicine, colds and flus are considered to enter the body at the nape of the neck. Scarves are an important defensive weapon against getting sick. Although I think it has more to do with insulating the carotid arteries at the side of the neck, I am a big encourager of scarf wearing. In addition to preventing infections, a toasty cover will keep your neck muscles warm and relaxed. Pick out a soft, colorful one and give yourself a woolly hug.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic Acupuncture: Look younger naturally!

People are often surprised to learn I’m 41 years old. Here’s a quote from one of my patients back in Philly:

“While seeing Sharon for something totally unrelated, the subject of cosmetic acupuncture came up and I was willing to try it.

After a couple of sessions it seemed that I was using less foundation to even out my “Irish skin”.  That would be pale coloring with red blotches here and there.  Along with the coloring, my pores looked smaller.  Then my husband looked at me one night and remarked that I’d lost that “worried look”, the furrowed brow.

Lines and creases became smoother after a few more sessions and just recently a friend of mine, bemoaning the lines from her lips, added that it wasn’t something I needed to worry about. Those creases had really diminished.

It’s not a face lift or Botox, but I didn’t want to look like a cat.  Sharon can explain exactly what happens.  It makes sense and it’s completely natural!”

I’m terrible about remembering to take pictures, but fortunately a Portland patient snapped these:



Look at the difference in the grooves above and below her mouth! Her jawline is also smoother, less “jowl-y.” A 72 year-old beauty!

Here she is in progress: One of her co-workers was so impressed, she started coming in, too.

Acupuncture facial rejuvenation uses special, tiny needles at strategic points. You can expect reduction or erasure of fine lines and the softening of deeper ones. Additionally, you may experience the firming of jowls and a reduction in the size of under-eye bags. It is not unusual for clients to report enhanced skin tone, increased energy and brighter eyes.

Here’s how it works: Local acupuncture increases collagen production, improves muscle tone, and reduces sagging around the eyes and neck. It helps eliminate puffiness by eliminating excess fluids, improves and evens out facial color, moisturizes the skin by increasing circulation of blood and lymph to the face, and reduces stress evident in the face.

If you want a more detailed perspective on how it works, read these articles: Part 1 and 2. Part 3 is for fellow acupuncturists.

Not surprisingly, if you are a smoker or sun-worshipper, you will need to make a longer commitment in order to achieve results. Session of cosmetic acupuncture only are $55 and take half an hour. You can also combine this treatment with some types of regular sessions: Please call for more information.

Packages of 5 treatments are available for $245. They make a great gift, too!