Soft Re-open

My online booking is temporarily closed – please CALL ME to make an appointment or ask any questions.

I’m currently seeing strictly isolating and fully vaccinated people in person. Masks are still required. Definitions are spelled out below.

I’m happy to be treating people again! Because many of my patients fall into the higher risk categories, I am taking all possible precautions to reduce our exposure to Covid-19. If you can’t isolate or get vaccinated, read about my telehealth appointments here!


1) Changes to the office (the Oregon state guidelines are here…/OHA-2342F-Phase-One-Reop… )

UV-C air sanitizers have been placed in each room.
Plastic sheeting is under the linens, and is sanitized between each patient. Of course sheets will continue to be changed between each patient, as always.
A touchless thermometer is used to test all patients. Temps above 99F cannot be treated.
There is a touchless hand sanitizer (alcohol) dispenser in the waiting room for your use.

2) My actions:

I’ll be wiping down surfaces between each patient.
I’ll be masked and gloved. I’m wearing clothing coverings that can be changed between patients, as recommended by the Oregon Medical Board.
You’ll get an automated email screening the day before you come in. Please complete it, every time. If you are sick, have had any symptoms in the past 2 weeks, or have been exposed to someone you know is sick in the past two weeks, I cannot treat you.
I have touchless methods of payment (credit cards via square, paypal, venmo). I can also take cash, but will not have change handy. The cash will simply go into quarantine.

Hugs are not happening.  I will miss that part of our time together, but the Vulcan salute or jazz hands will have to do for now.

3) Changes you’ll make:
You will need to wear a mask, and keep it on the entire time. I have a limited number of cloth masks to loan you, but if they are used / not yet laundered, I won’t be able to see you.
Please do not bring your entourage. Although I usually enjoy seeing your family and friends, I am limiting companions to those needed for medical disability or language translation.
If you arrive early, please wait in your car or outside the building. I will not be able to take you early. Please keep in mind I am spacing patients apart both for extra cleaning time in between, and to allow potential air particles to settle.

Once you are on the 5th floor, please wash your hands in the public bathrooms. There is a single ADA bathroom as well as men’s and ladies’ rooms on my floor. Please use a paper towel to open the bathroom door and the door to my office.
Please limit unnecessary touching of surfaces (leaning, etc).


“Fully vaccinated” means two weeks past your second shot (or single J&J shot).

If not fully vaccinated, please limit your potential exposures in the two weeks before your appointment.

PLEASE DON’T go into buildings like grocery stores (I’ve been using Fred Meyer curbside pickup- they don’t charge for it and you can usually get same-day slots), eat at a restaurant, or go to a bar or gym. Stay away from people you aren’t living with. If you do have to venture out, wash yourself and your clothes when you get home. Remember that exposing me means also exposing the rest of my patients, including the medically fragile. Please be considerate and careful.

PLEASE don’t make an appointment if you (and spouses, parents, children, or anyone else you live with or have contact with) cannot stay isolated before coming in.

If you are in a high-risk group, remember I am in a large office building with shared HVAC. The good news is that represents a small risk rather than a large one, but I am working on getting out of my lease so I can move to a more secure place.

I know this all sounds like a lot.

I know this is scary.

By being smart about this, and taking precautions, we can get back to normal life as soon as possible. 

Ok, now that you’ve read all that  please call / text (503-964-3422) / or email me with options on when you’d like to come in (