It’s that time again.

My patient this morning just gave me a huge lecture. He noticed that I hadn’t raised my rates from 2023. He’s a fellow business owner and understands that costs have risen dramatically. And he’s right… not only has my rent and insurance gone up every year, but utilities and even needles have gotten more expensive. I haven’t given myself a raise in over 4 years. I’m always reluctant, because I don’t want people to forgo medical care due to financial concerns, but he’s correct that this isn’t sustainable. I need keep my doors open, so… Rates are going up May 1st. I think you’ll find that the new prices are still quite low as an industry standard for someone with my decades of experience and advanced techniques.

Any sessions or packages purchased before the increase will be honored going forward, so feel free to stock up! If you are financially challenged and can’t handle this increase, please message me. Let’s talk. I’m still doing smoking cessation treatments for free, and volunteering for the Returning Veterans Project.

New patient: 90 min, intake, acupuncture, medical massage, self-care instruction: $195

Followup: 60 min, acupuncture & medical massage: $150. A package of 4 hours is $40 off ($560).

Half hour of either acupuncture or massage: $95. A package of 5 half-hours is $40 off ($435).