BL-40 (back pain, knee pain, hot flashes)

BL-40, Wei Zhong (Middle of the Crook), is located in the center of the back of the knee. It’s the Ruler of the Lower Back, so I often use it to treat lumbar problems. It’s also great for deep knee pain and to cool the Blood* – try it if you’re overheated next summer, or if you’re suffering from hot flashes. Other good points for lower back pain: LV-3, GB-34, Du-4.

BL-40, the Ruler of the Back.

*Remember: The Chinese concept of “Blood” is different from your physical blood. I am not talking about your literal circulatory system. :)

2 thoughts on “BL-40 (back pain, knee pain, hot flashes)

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  2. A patient wrote me to ask:
    “Thank you for sending your recent article. I love the acupressure points. Do you do this on both sides/arms/legs?
    Also, do these points work when you have pain from degenerative disk issues in the lower back? Or do you have other recommendations for this?
    Thank you!”

    My answer:
    “Yes, both sides! One may be more sensitive than the other – usually the side that’s injured. They will work to decrease pain from any cause, and help healing, but of course they will probably not be sufficient on their own for something as severe as a degenerated disk. Using acupressure is an adjunct therapy for acupuncture and gentle exercise.

    Hope that helps – please call if I can answer anything else for you! :)”

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