ST-36 (energy boost, improve digestion)

Zu San Li, “Leg Three Miles”, is on the outside of the shin, just a few inches below the knee. Slide your fingertip up the outside edge of the tibia (shinbone) until you fall into a hole. It’s a large point, so trust your instincts. St-36 is deep: Press firmly!

ST-36: Zu San Li will give you wings!

St-36 builds energy in the body: After activating it, you supposedly “can walk another three miles.” I find it useful for treating chronic fatigue or for when you need a temporary boost on a rough day. Since it’s on the Stomach channel, it also helps aid poor digestion.

It nourishes your Yin and activates your Yang. St-36 is the Ruler of the Abdomen, so it’s good for most digestive complaints. Use it to treat indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, gas, malabsorption, diabetes, etc. Note: Stimulation can increase stomach acid, so it’s great for an overfull belly, but bad for ulcers or heartburn / acid reflux.


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