Arnica for bruises, sprains, strains

I generally don’t use topical stuff or supplements. Even when I have a good remedy, I have a bad tendency to forget to use it. Arnica is my big exception.¬†Arnica montana is an herb that has natural anti-inflammatory properties. It makes a terrific topical oil for bruises, sprains, and strains. It’s fantastic for reducing inflammation in the area and speeding up healing.

arnicaoilI have a source for organic, locally-grown, hand-picked, hand-processed Arnica oil. It also contains a little St. Johns Wort for antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, and olive oil so it soaks into the skin. I prefer topical application to the pills, because it puts the medication where you need it, rather than spreading it out over the entire body, and because in high doses, taken internally, it can be toxic.

In all my years of martial arts, personal training, and running an acupuncture clinic (not to mention my own boo-boos), this is easily the best preparation I have found. It’s far superior to the multitude of diluted oils, creams and homeopathic pills generally available (most contain only small amounts of arnica), and that’s why it’s the only product I carry. I have bottles for $15 – swing by and pick one up! Use on unbroken skin only, please, and of course discontinue if your skin is irritated.


3 thoughts on “Arnica for bruises, sprains, strains

  1. Hello. Just discovered your site. I have a quick question concerning the arnica. I have canine children that occasionally like to “kiss” me. Is there a possibility of their getting sick if they lick a treated area? Thanks, Liz Tye

    • Hi Liz! Unless you are really drenching yourself multiple times a day, and your pups are constantly licking it off, I wouldn’t be concerned. A random “kiss” will give them a pretty small dose, particularly after it soaks into your skin. :)

  2. I call dibs on a bottle! My ribs are super sore from a too-long workout last week. I’ll pick it up at my next session. Thanks!

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