Shenmen (stress, depression, mental illness)

Shenmen (Spirit Gate)

There are about a hundred points on the ear, including this integral part of any stress or mental illness treatment. It reflects the seat of mental health and is terrific for treating any kind of anxiety, depression, grief, or just a rough day. Give your buddy (or yourself!) an ear massage as a sure-fire way to calm things down. This article discusses a study that shows acupuncture is highly effective for depression, and Shenmen is an essential part of that protocol.


Shenmen, a lovely way to calm someone down. Try a gentle massage when your driver is experiencing road rage.



Press firmly for 10-20 seconds with a healing intention.

4 thoughts on “Shenmen (stress, depression, mental illness)

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  2. Hi you have a nice blog! I wanna say thanks for sharing these cool posts with us. Keep up the great job.

  3. Hello, please tell me, for anxiety, can I put 2 little earrings in my each ears, in shen men points? and let them there? Thank you very much, Edit

    • Thanks for asking! I would not recommend that. As I mention in my article on piercings, metal blocks energy and could make the problem worse. Using glass, bone, or plastic would be better, but you still have to disrupt the point to put the earring in… the process of piercing itself is damaging. Instead, I would recommend massaging your ear. If you want to swing by the office, I’m happy to give you some ear seeds for acupressure (radish seeds on tape) at no charge. I would also recommend practicing some conscious relaxation. Breathing exercises, brief meditation, exercise, and re-routing your thinking to more positive messages can all help. Find something that relaxes you – it doesn’t matter what it is – singing, playing a silly game on your phone, knitting, thinking about a project or happy memory – and use it to derail that anxiety train. Good luck!

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